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Updates / Extras


How to automatically install updates

Gearhead Garage ships with an Auto-Update feature that will connect up to the internet and check for available extras and updates. This feature is accessed by starting the Gearhead Garage program and selecting the "Internet Features" button. From there, select the "Extras and Updates" icon in the left column and then press the "Download/Install Updates" button.

NOTE: These updates will not work with the demo version.

During the installation you may be asked to input the installation directory for Gearhead Garage. The default location is in "Program Files":


Using the Stand-Alone Updater

There is also a standalone updater that will install several updates at once. Try this if you have problems with the automatic installation:

Gearhead Garage Stand-Alone Updater (5,572 KB)

Download this file to your hard drive and run it. It will uncompress itself and proceed to install the following updates:

  • Updater Patch
  • Service Pack 1
  • Crash Fix 1
  • Santa Car
  • GeForce256 Fix
  • Windows XP Support

There is also a standalone updater which includes just the Windows XP Support update. Click here for details.


How to manually download updates

If you're having problems using the Auto-Updater's download feature, you can manually download the updates to your Gearhead Garage "Updates" folder:

To do this, right click on the update file link on the webpage and choose "Save As". A dialog will pop up asking you where you want to save the file. You have to navigate to the "Updates" folder inside whatever folder you installed Gearhead Garage into (usually "C:\Program Files\HeadGames\GearheadGarage\Updates") and choose "Save Here".

For instance, if the update file is named "Patch1.upd", and you installed Gearhead Garage into the default directory, you must download the file onto your computer to here:

C:\Program Files\HeadGames\GearheadGarage\Updates\Patch1.upd

Once the file is downloaded, you can follow the Auto-Update procedure above to finish installing the update. The updater will detect that you've already downloaded the update and allow you to simply install it.

If there are multiple updates available, download and install each update one at a time. Do not download a second update until the first is installed!




Release Notes for Updates

There are five updates and one extra available for Gearhead Garage. This section gives additional information about each update. READ THIS SECTION before installing updates.



Updater Patch

This is a small update that patches the Auto-Updater to handle more advanced installations. This update is required! Download and install this before downloading any other updates.

How do I install this update?


Service Pack 1

Along with some minor cosmetic changes, this update addresses a number of issues and adds some requested features.


  • fixed indycar's engine sound
  • fixed dune buggy engine+missile sound
  • made part prices more consistent
  • fixed job fees being too high for certain jobs
  • fixed slowdowns at the Auction after skipping a lot of cars
  • fixed spraypaint nozzle sizes in software mode

New Features:

Random Job Generator: Never run out of customer jobs again. You can click on "Get A Job" forever now.

Destroyed Parts: The junkyard can now repair destroyed (black) parts. Just sell your destroyed parts to the junkyard and they will automatically fix them up to broken (red) condition before they put them on the shelves. You can then buy them back and repair them all the way to top condition (green).

Auction Prices: Bidders at the auction now give larger bonuses for completely assembled regions and custom parts.

Known Issues:

There may be problems with backwards compatibility if you have a dune buggy in your car lot. It is recommended that you sell any dune buggies you have at the auction before installing this update.

Let us know if you have any problems after installing this update.

How do I install this update?


Crash Fix 1

This update will fix problems with intermittent crashes and loss of mechanic data.

If you still have problems after applying this patch, your mechanic data may be permanently corrupted. In this case, you will have to delete your old mechanic and create a new one.

How do I install this update?


Santa Car

A little Christmas gift. This is a car that appears when you reach the Novice skill level.

This is more of an "extra" as opposed to an update. If you install this extra, you'll be able to buy Santa and his Reindeer from the auction and even do some really weird repair jobs. The game wasn't really designed for cars like this, but we thought, "what the hey".

How do I install this extra?


GeForce256 Fix

This update fixes crashes experienced by users in Direct3D mode with an nVidia GeForce256 chipset. This is not required for users of other video cards, but may help if the game is exiting immediately after you press the "OK" button to start the first job.

How do I install this update?


Windows XP Support

This update fixes some incompatibilities with the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. However, many of the incompatibilities on these systems are caused by hardware driver issues, and thus Mekada can make no guarantees that this will work on your computer. If you have problems, try contacting your video card manufacturer to obtain the latest drivers.

The "Windows XP Support" update cannot be installed automatically. Instead, download and run this file:

Windows XP Stand-Alone Updater (680 KB)

NOTE: This update includes the "Updater Patch" update.




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