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Upgraded Forum Software Aug 15, 2006

The web forum software has been upgraded -- this should fix a number of minor problems encountered with certain web browsers.


New Server July 9, 2003

After a huge fiasco with our ISP, the Gearhead Garage message forum is now back online!


New SpecEd Version March 12, 2003

Mekada has released a updated version of SpecEd addressing some compatibility problems with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Click here for details.


Forum Update August 15, 2002

Smokey has made some major updates to the Gearhead Garage online message forum. Check it out!


Video Driver Update April 22, 2002

Mekada has released a new update that fixes many of the compatibility problems people have reported on Windows 2000 and XP!


New Server December 30, 2001

After much effort, our new server is up and running. The forum is back online as well, although the old postings will be unavailable for a few weeks until we can extract them from smoking carcass of the old server.


Server Crash December 19, 2001

Our server crashed this weekend, and is in the process of being replaced. We appreciate your patience while we work to get everything back online.


Windows XP Support November 12, 2001

Mekada has released a special update that fixes some problems with the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. Click here for details.


GHG Web Ring Created June 4, 2001

There is now a web ring for Gearhead Garage! It is being maintained by Robert, the webmaster of "Ed, Edd, Eddys Garage".


FAQ update Mar 8, 2001

New answers have been added to the FAQ page.


Server Problems Feb 4, 2001

We have been experiencing server problems due to the heavy load. Please be patient while we look for a faster server.

[Feb 8 Update:] The updates and patches have been moved to a faster server. Hopefully this should relieve some of the system load.


Contest Updates Jan 15, 2001

The contests page has finally been updated. A new "Contest Hall of Fame" page has been added!


Happy Holidays! Dec 25, 2000

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


International Orders Oct 26, 2000

Mekada has located an online retailer that distributes Gearhead Garage internationally! Check the "Order Online" page for details.


SpecEd Released Oct 8, 2000

By popular demand, Mekada has finally released the car model editor for Gearhead Garage. It's extremely difficult to use (which is why it wasn't intended to be released), but maybe more people will start making models. You can download it from the FAQ page.


Halloween Car! Oct 4, 2000

Check out the new web page "Mully's Models"!


Message Forum Sep 16, 2000

The Gearhead Garage Message Forum is now online!


Chat Page Aug 30, 2000

In response to the complaints about our buggy chat script, we've decided to replace it with a message forum. Coming soon...


Links Page Aug 15, 2000

We've added a Links page which features a "Fan Sites" section. If you've made a fan page, send it in!


New Update Mar 26, 2000

There's a new update that fixes problems experienced by users of the nVidia GeForce chipset. Get more info from the Updates page.


New Contest Mar 9, 2000

Check out the Contest page for the latest snapshot competition!


FAQ Added! Mar 7, 2000

We seemed to be receiving a lot of the same questions, so we've added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to the Gearhead Garage web site. Check it out!


New Employees Mar 2, 2000

Due to the huge increase in e-mail, Mekada has hired a new person to help with customer support and contest judging. We definitely appreciate your correspondence, but answering all that mail is a lot of work! Cheers!


Server Problems Fixed Feb 7 , 2000

Our web site was temporarily down due to problems with the server. After a grueling night of hard work, our network administrator has moved the web pages to a more reliable host.


Demo Jan 21, 2000

The demo is available here!


Santa Car Dec 20, 1999

We've got a novel extra for you in the Updates section. Santa and his Reindeer! Just a little Christmas present from us here are Mekada. Enjoy!


Contest Updated Dec 13 , 1999

The Contest page has been updated again with more great snapshots for our 4x4 competition. Congratulations to the winners!


Stand-alone Updater Dec 9, 1999

Ok, We've put the stand-alone updater together.

Anyone who's had problems downloading and or installing updates through the game's built-in Auto-Updater should head to the Updates page and download the stand-alone updater package.


New update Dec 6, 1999

There is a new update available that should address problems with the game unexpectedly quitting. You can install it through the game's Auto-Updater.

For those of you having trouble using the Auto-Updater, we're putting together a stand-alone updater that should get things working for you.


New webpage sections Dec 2, 1999

We've added an Order online section and a Tips for Playing section to the webpage. Check em out.


Contest updated Dec 1, 1999

The Contest page has been updated with the best snapshots for our 4x4 competition. Congratulations to the winners! Have a look at their creations.


Update Problems Nov 30, 1999

We're getting reports of two types of problems related to the updates:

  • problems installing the Service Pack 1 update.
  • unexpected crashes (usually when putting a car in the lot) after installing both updates.

We're working on fixing both of these. Thank you to all the people that have reported the problems to us.

If you're experiencing any of this, hold tight while we figure out what's going on.


First Contest Nov 23, 1999
We're running a preliminary (no prizes) snapshot contest. Check the Contest page for details and send in those snapshots!


Updates available Nov 22, 1999
There is an update for the game available! You can download and install the update from within the Gearhead Garage loader. Be sure to check out the Updates page to see what's included.


Where to buy Nov 17, 1999
The Game page has been updated with a list of retailers where you can find Gearhead Garage. Check it out if you're looking for stores in your area.


Video card support Nov 6, 1999
The Support page has been updated with a list of supported video cards and some troubleshooting tips.


Online Nov 1, 1999 goes live! Through these pages, we'll offer support, updates, information, contests and more for Gearhead Garage, the latest game from Mekada and Head Games.










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